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Basic Information

Any SGMP member in good standing in an appropriate member category for at least six months prior to nomination is eligible for nomination and election as a voting member of a Chapter Board:

  • Chapter President Government Planner (GP) or Contract Planner (CP)
  • Chapter First Vice President GP or CP
  • Chapter Second Vice President         Supplier (S)
  • Chapter Secretary GP or CP
  • Chapter Treasurer S, AS or CP
  • Chapter Director* GP
  • Chapter Director* S
  • Chapter Director* GP, S, or CP
  • [Chapter Immediate Past President]  [not part of Chapter Board nominations & elections process]           

*The Chapter Director positions are eliminated from the elections process  as our chapter elected to have the variance of a five member elected board.

An exception may be made to allow a government planner to serve as chapter treasurer, provided that an supplier or associate supplier is serving as chapter secretary (and vice versa), thus not altering the ratio of planners/suppliers on the Chapter Board. 

Any current Chapter Board candidate may not be a member of that chapter’s nominations & elections committee.  However, any outgoing Chapter President or board member may serve on the chapter’s nominations & elections committee.

Any Chapter Board candidate may not be a National Board of Directors member or a Gilmer Institute of Learning trustee.   

Terms of Office

Terms of office for all Chapter Board positions shall be two years and Chapter Board terms shall not be staggered. Every Chapter Board member elected in this year’s process will serve a term of 07/01/2021 – 06/30/2023.

A term of office is equal to two years and will begin July 1 of the election year and end June 30 in the next election year. An Officer or Director appointed to fill an unexpired term shall be eligible for election to the same office. AN OFFICER OR DIRECTOR MAY BE ELECTED TWICE EVEN IF THE BOARD TENURE BEGAN AS AN APPOINTMENT, BUT NO MORE THAN FIVE YEARS IS PERMITTED IN ANY ONE POSITION. No Officer or Director shall serve more than 10 total years in an elected and/or appointed position. NO OFFICER OR DIRECTOR MAY RUN FOR REELECTION IF THE ELECTED TERM WOULD EXCEED TERM OR BOARD LIMITS. The crossed out portion of this policy requirement has been waived due to the COVID pandemic.

The chapter N&E committee has the responsibility for confirming your chapter nominees’ eligibility regarding this term limits requirement.   This policy requirement has been waived due to the COVID pandemic.

Board Elections

Chapter Board election voting shall be administered by headquarters through SGMP’s SurveyMonkey account.

Chapter Board candidates must adhere to the SGMP policy regarding campaigning (Policy NE-2). There is a formal written complaint process of Chapter Board elections available to SGMP members in good standing (Policy NE-4). 

Key Dates

SGMP has made several revisions to the bylaws and policies affecting chapter elections since this chapter’s last election. This year’s timeline has also been revised. Key nominations & elections process deadlines this year are the following:

  • Chapter nominations must close by 03/12/2021
  • Chapter membership online voting opens on 03/25/2021
  • Chapter membership online voting closes at 4:00pm CST on 03/31/2021
  • Chapter election results are announced to entire chapter by 04/02/2021
  • New chapter board members must be installed by 06/30/2021
  • Code of Ethics form (signed by all new chapter board members) must be received at SGMP by 07/31/2021      

Board Installation

Each Chapter Board member shall be sworn in using SGMP’s approved oath of office during the chapter meeting nearest to, but before, the July 1st start date of their term of office (the term of office begins on July 1st and not when the oath of office is administered). The installation ceremony may be led by a current or past National Board member, a past chapter president, or the SGMP executive director & CEO.  For our chapter this will be at our June 10 Monthly Education Meeting.

Every member of a Chapter Board shall read and sign a Code of Ethics form as part of the installation process that must then be submitted to SGMP headquarters by July 31st. There is one form per chapter that is to be signed and submitted.  For our chapter this will be done at our annual Board Retreat in July.

Board Vacancies

A vacancy for president shall be filled by the first vice president. In the event that the first vice president will not serve, a special chapter election will be held to elect the president.

All other Chapter Board vacancies (due to resignation or death) shall be filled by appointment within 60 days of the vacancy. That unexpired term will be filled by the Chapter Board’s approval (by majority vote) of an appointment by the chapter president. SGMP must confirm the eligibility of any proposed appointee.

A Chapter Board member must resign within 90 days of leaving the occupation that qualifies him or her for SGMP membership, unless they acquire employment in a position that qualifies them to serve on the Chapter Board.  

A Chapter Board member may be removed from office after the third consecutive or third non-excused absence per fiscal year from scheduled Chapter Board meetings.  

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