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Satellite Chapter Initiative

The newest initiative of the SGMP National Chapter is support for satellite chapter development.  SGMP La will be providing support for the development of the Idaho Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals.  


-Form initially identified small groups and work with them to grow  within the region.

-Work Satellite Chapter Workgroup to review policies and forms  that are impacted by Satellite Chapters.

-Create flyers and documents to support membership/satellite  growth. Share the flyers.

-Submit the Satellite Chapter proposed changes to the board for  review and hopefully adoption.

-Report on project success (!) to the board of directors.



  • Minimum number of persons required will be five (5), but groups will be encouraged to start with ten (10) whenever possible.
  • The satellite chapter will model their membership on the national chapter goals with balance between suppliers and planners. They will not be required to maintain balance. The goal is to grow membership and extend our association reach.
  • Members are full voting members of SGMP and eligible for all benefits.
  • Memberships will be recorded in the Monthly Membership Report (MMR) as other for the parent chapter. This will be done to not impact their planner/supplier ratio and not impact the full chapter numbers if they grow enough to begin a separate chapter.
  • At twenty (20) members, the satellite can determine if they will set a goal to reach chapter status or remain a satellite.


  • The satellite chapter will be required to meet quarterly/four (4) times a year. This can be educational, networking or both.
  • The satellite chapter will select a leader who will serve as the Satellite Liaison to the parent chapter. They will be invited to participate in chapter board meetings. They will be an ex-officio board member and able to participate in all discussions. They will serve in this role for two years. They are not term limited.
  • The chapter president and the satellite liaison will establish a meeting schedule for regular updates and mentoring outside of the board meeting time.
  • The Parent Chapter can determine who will be the designated connection to the satellite – sometimes it may be the IPP, a designated volunteer – instead of the Chapter President.
  • The Parent Chapter is the mentor group to the satellite chapter. It is highly suggested that board members establish a buddy system to mentor the leaders in the satellite chapter and to encourage membership growth.
  • The Satellite Liaison is responsible for completing a monthly chapter report just like chapters.
  • Information that is shared with chapters that is of concern to membership chairs, program chairs, leaders will also be shared with the satellite liaison, example: email to all officers of a chapter will also include the satellite liaison.


  • Education programming will be available at the parent chapter meetings and can be available at the satellite chapter too. Satellite chapter education programs will be shared with the parent chapter program chair who will submit them for approval from the national education director.
  • Parent chapters are required to use a virtual tool at their regular meetings to allow for participation by satellite chapter members. (example – zoom)
  • CGMP will be supported and encouraged for all members.


  • The parent chapter will receive funds on behalf of the satellite chapter and will pay expenses for the satellite chapter. All documentation rules will apply.
  • Parent chapters will include the satellite meeting date/registration on their website. Suggested use of independent landing page for the satellite.
  • A report of income to expenses will be shared with the Satellite Liaison monthly.
  • The parent chapter will establish a revenue and expense line item in their budget for compiling income and expense relative to the satellite chapter.
  • Revenue sharing from national will need to be delineated to reflect the revenue earnings from both the parent and satellite chapters. This will then be recorded for both groups.
  • When membership reaches twenty (20) members, the satellite chapter will then transition to having its own checking account.

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